Get a Turtle



Get a Turtle

I'm making and giving away our tiny turtles as tiny tokens of appreciation, this can be as simple as an act of kindness. Think of them as thank-you turtles. Contact me to nominate someone.

Accepted nominations include:

  • Tiny turtle
  • Hand made tiny protest sign
  • Hand-lettered patch

I gave one turtle to my sister and her partner for always making my children laugh histerically (they sent me this photo of their turtle in the snow), and another to my aunt for her plans to help students at risk of deportation get into college. I also received a nomination for two members of a local band who are flying to DC to participate in the women's march after inauguration day. More details and photos to follow.

Want a tiny protest sign and/or hand-lettered patch? These take less time to make, I can mail them to you (also free of charge) if you'd like either separately.

Want to Help?

Let me know if you'd like to spread cuteness and kindness with these tiny turtles, or you're welcome to make them yourself for showing your own appreciation to others. Or just make one for yourself, see Make a Turtle for my free crochet pattern. They're relatively easy to make if you (or someone you know) can crochet, or if you want to learn how.